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Welcome to the OpenPanel Documentation Wiki. There are a number of documents at your disposal!

Quickstart Guide Icon Quick Start Guide

Get up and running as quickly as possible..

OpenPanel-CLI Administration Guide Icon OpenPanel-CLI Administration Guide

Learn the in's and out's of administrating OpenPanel in a command line interface based environment. Recommended for advanced users and system administrators.

OpenPanel-GUI Administration Guide Icon OpenPanel-GUI Administration Guide

Learn how to configure OpenPanel using the graphical web interface. Recommended for users who prefer graphical over text environment, and users who want to progress as quickly as possible, whilst having to remember less.

System Administrator's Guide Icon System Administrator's Guide

A guide designed for advanced users and those who are administrating the OpenPanel server. Learn the tips and tricks.

Third party modules Third party modules

A repository of modules contributed by users/developers.

Developers Guide Icon Developer Guide

A guide to help developers understand the compilation process, the API and assist them in developing modules.

Frequently Asked Questions Icon Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions get asked over and over again. The answers to such questions are documented here, so that you can help yourself when necessary.

openapp OpenApp

OpenApp is a collection of appliances based on OpenPanel

Return To Main Website Icon Return To Main Website

Return to the main OpenPanel Website

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